Alcohol Self Screening Tool

If you're concerned about your drinking and would like to complete a self screening test, there is a fabulous FREE alcohol self screening tool available online through In-dependence Guernsey.

In-dependence Guernsey

In-dependence is a Guernsey based charity who's aim is to support those affected by drugs, alcohol or gambling and to minimise related harms through education, prevention, and counselling. They provide a confidential and free service.

You don’t have to be dependent on alcohol to experience problems.

Not all problem drinkers are alcoholics...

Problem drinking looks different in each person. Some may have the occasional binge, some drink excessively in social situations, some might spend their after-work evenings drinking alone at home, some may dedicate all of their time to drinking.

These are some commonalities that people who drink may experience:

  • Not being able to stop drinking after having your first drink

  • Feeling guilty or remorseful after an episode of drinking

  • Making excuses for drinking

  • Drinking to cope with stress, anxiety, depression or difficult life events

  • Mood swings and irritability more often than normal

  • Memory loss due to drinking

  • Not being able to do things that would normally be expected of you

  • Having alcohol withdrawal if you haven’t had a drink for a while

  • Health problems due to drinking

  • Being constantly preoccupied with thoughts about drinking

It is fair to say that most people have experienced some level of problems with drinking, whether this is the occasional hangover or doing something when drunk that you wouldn’t do when sober.

If you're drinking over the recommended limit of 14 units per week, you can take the FREE alcohol self screening test located on the In-dependence website. It is completely anonymous and no data is collected or stored. Find out NOW if you are lower risk, increasing risk, higher risk or possible dependence.

Click here to take the Alcohol Self Screen Test

Still have concerns?

If after taking the test you still have concerns about your drinking, you can arrange to meet with a member of the In-dependence team by completing the self refer online application. The sessions are free and available to anyone in Guernsey.

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